What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a common service that many Web hosts offer because it is affordable and great for new Webmasters. While it does have its pros and cons, most people with new or small websites will find that this hosting is ideal. Read on to see what this service is and if it’s right for you. What is Shared Hosting? Shared hosting means that you are sharing bandwidth and disk space with all of the other websites on your server. Unlike in dedicated and VPS hosting where you have a server all to yourself, a shared service places many different websites on a single server.

Depending on the host, there might be several dozen or several hundred websites on each server. Advantages The major advantage is that shared hosting is incredibly affordable. You don’t need to pay for an entire server. You just have to pay for a small percentage of it. Not only this, but most hosts cater their services to beginning Webmasters. Most dedicated and VPS hosts give the Webmaster more administrative power, but this can be a lot of responsibility if you just want to start a blog or simple ecommerce website.

These hosts typically give you tools so that you can automatically install scripts, and they give you a simple control panel to make the administrative tasks even easier. Disadvantages Shared hosting is definitely not for medium to large websites. If you have 1,000 unique visitors a day, then you’ll want to move to a stronger hosting service. The shared host will usually suspend or freeze your website if you get too many visitors. If you are trying to run a business and it gets a lot of visitors, then this can make it much harder to serve your customers. Another disadvantage is that shared hosting tends to use ambiguous language to make you think that you are getting more bandwidth and disk space than you really are.

Most of these hosts offer “unlimited bandwidth and disk space.” This doesn’t really mean unlimited, it just means that the host doesn’t place a specific limit on your memory. At the same time, this means that you’ll never know if you are about to go over your limit. It all depends on what the other websites are doing and many other factors. If you need to push your website to its limit, then consider choosing a host that tells you exactly how much memory you get with your account. Pricing This is one of the best things about shared hosting. If you take advantage of their initial annual plan, which most hosts offer, you can typically get hosting for about $3 to $5 a month. After the initial year, you can expect to pay around $7 to $12 a month.

Who Should Use it? Shared hosting is best for new Webmasters that have a small website. This is also a great way to get some administrative experience so that you know what you are doing when you transfer to a bigger host. Conclusion While shared hosting is not for everyone, this service does give you a fairly good amount of memory for an affordable price. If you are starting a blog or a new website, then this is the perfect way to get started. However, if you have an established website or you plan to scale up very quickly, then you should look into dedicated and VPS hosting.